The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project represents the combined efforts of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association, the Canadian Seed Trade Association, the Canadian Seed Institute, the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada, the Canadian Plant Technology Agency, and CropLife Canada. We are working together to create the seed industry of the future to position producers, innovators, and ultimately the entire agricultural value chain in a position to succeed in a highly competitive and innovation-based global marketplace. The seed sector is at the heart of all agricultural activity in Canada, laying the groundwork for food, feed, fuel and fibre. High quality seed allows us to turn innovation in the laboratory into products in the field that further adaptation to climate change, capture export market opportunities, and drive growth for Canadian producers. The agriculture sector is today on the horizon of a new era of growth and opportunity driven by technological, regulatory & economic change, and we see the seed sector as integral to this success.


Seed Synergy Resources


Seed Sector Organizations Announce Vote Results 

Four out of five organizations vote in favour of amalgamation 


NSO Progress Update

National Seed Organization Update including an outline of the Design principles, the Working Target Operating Model, Governance and Membership (February 2020).


Canada’s Seed System: A Summary Description

For more information on how things work today, here is a document on the current seed system in Canada.


Building a Single National Seed Organization

Progress update presentation on building the National Seed Organization from the 2019 Joint CSGA-CSTA Annual General Meeting (July 2019)


Modernizing the Seed Regulatory Framework

Modernizing the Seed Regulatory Framework presentation from the 2019 Joint CSGA-CSTA Annual General Meeting (July 2019)


Positioned for Success : What Are We Working Towards?

Opening Seed Synergy presentation delivered at the 2019 Joint CSGA-CSTA Annual General Meeting (July 2019)


The Next Generation Seed System in Canada: Seed Synergy White Paper

The White Paper lays out a set of proposals for the future of the seed sector and agriculture in Canada (2018).


Seed Synergy National Engagement 2018

What Was Heard report from stakeholder engagements (2018).


Canada’s Seed System: Economic Impact Assessment and Risk Analysis

Summary Report (2018)


Letter to the Gazette

Submission to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) on the Targeted Regulatory Review

Submission to the 3-year targeted regulatory review process for Agri-Food and Aquaculture (September 2018).


Response from Minister MacAulay

Response from Minister MacAulay to Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable Co-chairs Letter (June 2018).


Letter to Minister MacAulay

Letter to Minister MacAulay from the Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable Co-chairs (April 2018)


Green Paper At-A-Glance

A quick visual overview of the functions of the seed system and the major proposals from the Green Paper (2017).


Executive Summary

A brief overview of the major proposals of the Green Paper (2017).


The Green Paper

The major document of the Seed Synergy Collaboration Project, the Green Paper describes the core ideas and context for the next generation seed system (2017).


The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project is made possible through support from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.